Bhoruka Netralaya was opened on 17th April 2008. The first batch of 22 patients picked up from camp underwent cataract surgery.

Health is yet another major concern of the rural people. Because of poor delivery system the government's health schemes fail to reach the beneficiaries. Thus NGOs have greater role to play in creating healthy environment in the villages.

Bhourka conducts periodical health check up camps such as Eye check-up, cancer detection, gynecology pediatric camps and general health check-up. Camps are conducted in all the places and patients referred to nearby specialty hospitals. This is to bring in general awareness about health & health system available.

In Hemmige the villagers are provided smokless choolas and training is given in maintaining health and hygiene in the villages, with help of Zilla Panchayat. The trust has adopted Nilsoge village with a view to making it a model village in terms of sanitation health & hygiene. This will be replicated in other places.

Eye Hospital

The Vikassanum Education and Welfare Trust has drawn an ambitious project of eye hospital in Gulburga. The place was chosen after a study report submitted by Institute of Health Management and Research, Bangalore. Initially hospital will cater to needs of 2000 cataract operations per year and move on to 10000 operations per year including more complicated ones, in five years. The hospital is expected to be operational by mid 2007.

Newsletter - March 2007